Massage Prostate Diagram Orgasm.



 Find all about how to locate and find the prostate with our massage prostate orgasm diagram. Once you take the plunge, it is quite easy to massage the male g spot. One can use a latex glove on your fingers if you have an issue with anal play.

The prostate is about 1 inch in the colon but this can vary a bit man to man. Once you touch the prostate, you will know from the feelings.

Massage the prostate along with penis massage for some huge orgasms. Male sex toys can also be used for more turn on.

Really relax during prostate massage and take breath deep from your belly. Relaxing is essential for a prostate orgasm that goes on and on and can be a dry orgasm too.

It can take a few sessions to really learn to let go and relax so do not five up if you do not have a prostate orgasm at your first try.

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Maurice Tate is a professionally trained sexological bodyworker that uses anal massage in his private practice.


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